On People and Names
Directed by Sara Piñeros and Alejandro Quiñones Roa
CO/AT 2025, 70 min (development)

“On People and Names” explores the relationships between humans and non-humans in Colombia. In the film, Sara and Alejandro travel to three villages, revealing the beauty of peaceful coexistence between different species. The documentary invites reflection on the interdependence between urban and rural life, as well as between animals and people, challenging notions of community and belonging.

The development  writing of this project was funded by the Arbeitstipendium für Filmkunst (Bundesministerium für Kunst, Kultur, öffentlichen Dienst und Sport).

Winter, Blumen, Garten
AT 2025, 80 min (development)

Sara finds a diary film and several film letters at the amateur department of the Austrian Filmmuseum, where she works. The films are made by Renate, a woman Amateur Filmmaker, who was active between the 60 ́s and 90 ́s.
Sara and Renate start to exchange film letters that cross past and present time, archival footage of amateur films is interlaced with current analog material. The film acquires an essayistic dimension by raising the question of what is consider to be amateur filmmaking and what is professional, as well as what is worth to archive and what isn’t.

The early development of this project was funded by the Startstipendium für Filmkunst (Bundesministerium für Kunst, Kultur, öffentlichen Dienst und Sport), while the treatment and scriptwriting has been awarded with the ScripLAB Docu scholarship by the drehbuchFORUM Wien.
This project was part of the Pitching & Matchmaking for BIPOC Filmmakers and Production Companies workshop with Vic So Hee Alz, organized by Gewächshaus Network at Diagonale 2024.
Belvedere 21, Über das Neue Teil 3: Wiener Szenen und darüber hinaus (AT)

AT 2023, 60 min digital 2K 16:9

The Beauty of Becoming is a documentary essay that follows, inhabits and embodies the way of looking at four women artists, while they become fictional characters throughout the film. From a first person perspective, the filmmaker tells who these women are and what they do, yet they remain undefined, fragmented and blurry.

Direction, Script, Camera Sara Piñeros
Starring Amanda Burzić, Juanita Ortega, Maria Hurtado, Yoh Morishita, Karin Thomanek
Voice Over Amanda Burzić, Yoh Morishita, Sara Piñeros
Production Sara Piñeros, Sabina Piñeros
Editing Juan Carlos Sánchez
Sound Alejandro Quiñones, Błażej Kotowski
Sound Mix Diana Martinez Muñoz, Jose Delgadillo Gaviria
Music Błażej Kotowski
Design Juan Linares
Funded by BMKOES, Land Oberösterreich and Linz.

Festivals and Prizes
MIDBO 23’ (COL) Best Emerging Film
Festival de cine internacional de Villa de Leyva 23’ (COL) Best Long length Documentary

mein eigenes Bild
AT 2022, 5 min digital 2K 16:9

In magnificent shots of animals and plants from amateur films, Sara Piñeros discovers a possible escape from herself. Rather than looking at the found footage that flashes as if from a dream world, she lets it take her into a kaleidoscopic self-perception in which her language and feelings are allowed to reassemble.  (Diagonale 23’,  Catalog text)

Script, editing, Sound Sara Piñeros
Camera Renate Schweiger, Alejandro Quiñones, Sara Piñeros
Footage Österreichisches Filmmuseum, Amateur Abteilung
Voice Over Rita Tsampounari
Voice Record Yorgos Tsabou
Original format 8mm, Super8

Festivals and Screenings
Kasseler Dokfest 23’ (DE)
Corriente no ficción 23’ (PE)
MUTA Festival 23’ (PE)
Diagonale 23’ (AT)
Under the Radar 23’ (AT)
Cinema Next Tour 22’ (AT)

we are like plants seeking the light
AT 2020, 15 min digital 2K 16:9

We are like plants seeking the light is an essay film in a form of a video letter about how to give to my personal archive and writing a time based form. I question and raise awareness about how I deal myself with time in daily life and how is the time passing through the film. How is the time of the gaze and when to cut a shot?

Script, Camera, Editing Sara Piñeros

Festivals and Screenings
Doclisboa 20’ (PT)
Crossing Europe 21’ (AT)
Cine Toro Experimental Film Festival 21’ (COL)
Intermediaciones 21’ (COL)
"Nosotras Contamos" Museo de Bogotá 22’(COL)

Background Noise
COL 2019, 11 min digital 2K 16:9

Background noise is a documentary essay that reflects on the recording of image and sound in everyday life in interior spaces in Bogotá and how this configures the way in which an intimate space is remembered.

Direction, Camera, Editing Sara Piñeros 
Sound Alejandro Quiñones

Festivals and Screenings
YOUKI 19’ (AT)
PLAY Semana de Videoarte 19’ (AR)

Imaginary Spaces
COL 2017, 7 min digital 2K 16:9

From photographs and videos captured during a year, a woman reflects about the look and the point of view in relation with the memory she has of these records. Have them replaced their memory or have them created a different experience that is not what she lived nor what is being seen in the images?

Direction, Camera, Editing Sara Piñeros
Sound Alejandro Quiñones
Voice over Elena Martín Lobera

Festivals and Exhibitions
Festival cortos Cali 18’ (COL)
Das hier und das Dort: Domgasse 1 (AT)
PLAY Semana de Videoarte 19’ (AR)